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Ceiling Cloth Hanger
Amigo Inc. is pioneer in making High Quality Stainless Steel Hanger for a long time and the first one to introduce in Northern India market. Customer Response for this high quality product is highest, the shelf life of this product is very long in comparison to others.

Amigo Ceiling Cloth Hanger is Specially designed for Multistoried Apartments, Hostels ,Houses & Condominiums. Strong & Sturdy made of Stainless Steel and Now Introduces in High Qualtiy Aluminium for those who need little Cheaper.
Amigo Inc. Customises also as per Specs. Lingerie Hanger for Baths

Amigo is the Best Selling Hanger available with many varieties to suit all.
2F5R2Feet in Length with 5 Rods2F6R2Feet in Length with 6 Rods
3F5R3Feet in Length with 5 Rods3F6R3Feet in Length with 6 Rods
4F5R4Feet in Length with 5 Rods4F6R4Feet in Length with 6 Rods
5F5R5Feet in Length with 5 Rods5F6R5Feet in Length with 6 Rods
6F5R6Feet in Length with 5 Rods6F6R6Feet in Length with 6 Rods
Why it is best because:
 It is made of high quality Stainless Steel  No Frequent repairs
 It clears the floor space  It has more Capacity
 It does not require floor space to store  Elegant in Design
 Hassle Free  Heavy Duty
 Space Saving  Practical solution
 One Time Investment  Durable
 Resistant to Corrosion  Customer Friendly Product
Description :
  • There are Two Stainless Steel Side Bars and Five Rods/ Six Rods of Stainless Steel are fitted in SS Side Bars.
  • Each Rod is fitted with 2 inches SS screw into the SS Side Bars from Each Side.
  • The Complete Frame is strong & Sturdy. SS Rod can not be pulled out
  • Two pulleys fixed into Ceiling.
  • The Pulling Rope is passed thru these Pulleys
  • Hook is positioned in The adjacent Wall and Rope is hooked to hold the Hanger
  • Amigo Ceiling Cloth Hanger is made of High Qualtiy Stainless Steel, Resistant to Corrosion and Air Rusting.
  • Amigo Ceiling Cloth Hanger saves your Clothes from Over Exposure to UV Light,
  • Amigo Ceiling Cloth Hanger It can be used in all Weather Condition & in all Types of Weathers/Terrain from Plains to the Mountains
  • Amigo Ceiling Cloth Hanger Dries Clothes in Indirect Light and keeps the Colors safe
Maintenance :
  • The Hanger Should be Cleaned regularly
  • Bleach & Acid should not be used for cleaning
Cautions :
  • Amigo Ceiling Cloth Hanger should not be disassembled for any purpose
  • Amigo Ceiling Cloth Hanger should not be cleaned by using any Scrubber or Rough material etc
  • Amigo Ceiling Cloth Hanger should be cleaned at regular intervals
  • Amigo Ceiling Cloth Hanger should not be used as Swing for Children
Amigo Wall Mounted Collapsible Hanger is made of Stainless Steel / Aluminium, when in use it can be pulled and when not in use it just pushed to the Wall .

Use for smaller Clothes, Towels, Kitchen dusters etc.
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